The 5th National Technology and Industrial Film and Photography Festival (Farda)



The 5th National Technology and Industrial
Film and Photography Festival






ACECR – art university branch

ACECR (Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research) is a scientific and cultural institution that started its activities in universities of Iran in 1981 with the aim of developing cultural and artistic, educational, research and specialized activities.


festival director:

Behzad Rashidi

Born in 1977

MA in Social Communication Sciences


Head of ACECR – art university branch


Secretary or membership in festivals, conferences and cultural and artistic events


- Press collaboration with Iranian newspapers and magazines

- Achieving executive and research rankings in scientific festivals in the field of public research
- Founder and director of the secretariat of the Technological and Industrial Film and photo Festival

- Producer of documentary films on scientific, academic and industrial topics

Strategic Policies of the Permanent Secretariat of the Festival:

1- creating synergy between the technological and industrial development and the artistic development - in Iran (By strengthening communication between film and photo activists and technology managers and industry, mines and knowledge companies’ owners)


2- Introducing and displaying activities, innovations, capabilities and achievements of Iran in different sectors of technology and industry

3- Culture making and promotion of national pride and strengthening self-esteem, especially in youth and students (Through presenting the documentation of innovations and activities of various sectors of technology and industry of the country)


The goals of the festival:

1- Strengthening the relationship between activists in the field of film and cinema and the managers of the scientific and industrial sectors of Iran
2- Developing and promoting documentation of Iran's scientific, technological and industrial achievements and activities

3- Contributing to the production of educational content in the form of films and helping transfer the specialist knowledge of the experts to students

4- Modeling and promotion of the quality level of documentation and production of scientific, industrial and environmental films and so forth in Iran.
5- Providing background and assistance to broadcasting Iranian technological and industrial films on domestic and foreign television networks, VODs and virtual networks and interaction with international capabilities and effective centers of documentary filmmaking in the world.


Festival sections:
The festival is held in two sections: competition and non-competition


Competition section:

1- Documentaries

2- Animations and animated graphics

3- Commercial films (advertisements, teasers and video-clip)
4- TV documentary series about industry and technology
5- Special subjects (knowledge-based economics, supporting national production)

6- Industrial photography (frames, collections)

7- Commercial photography (frames, collections)
8- Student works (Students can compete in the student contest in addition to the above mentioned 7 parts and their works will be separately judged on their own request)


Non-Competition Section:


In this section, the selected International works with the themes of the festival are presented.
The festival has decided to hold the international section as competition in the next edition.


Special section (subject)
* This section will be held in collaboration and with the support of the centers or organizations responsible for a specific topic. The works of this section will also be examined separately. The titles of this section's programs will be announced in due time.

* Appreciation of the technological organizations and centers active in the development of art and cinema

* holding the Industrial and technology Photo Exhibition

Other sections of the festival:

These sections will run during the year and during the festival and include the following

- Visits of artist, documentarians, photographers and reporters to industrial and technology centers and complexes

- Screening: (Selected films of the Fifth edition)
- Screening: (Reviewing Selected Films from the First to Fourth editions)
- organizing workshops for industrial managers (introduction of film applications and documentation to managers)

- organizing specialized seminars with the participation of artists, documentary filmmakers , cultural directors, managers and industry-relevant brokers (With the subject of “strategies to promote the quantitative and qualitative aspects of documentaries and industrial and technology films”)

- broadcasting selected films of the festival on the national TV (in coordination with the owners of the works)

- Publishing selected films of the festival on VODs and virtual space (in coordination with the owners of the works)

- organizing meetings to review and criticizing the selected works






7 to 9 Oct 2019